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4 Modeling Needed to Wear Couture Fasion in MOTION Themed Shooting Session

SNAP* (www.snapmup.com) is looking to book 4 exceptional models for our workshop on August 29th that is "Motion" Themed at Studio 6 in Passaic NJ... an amazing 6,000 Sq Foot Warehouse Studio

*****We are looking for high fashion poses in Mid-Air*****
If you are interested, email: taryn@tarilynquinn.com
If you are selected, come shoot and mingling with talented models and photogs!

We will be supplying beautiful couture styled dresses similar to Rodarte.
It pays $25 for 1 hour of posing and some extra time to get your makeup done by a professional MUA.


You will be modeling for only 1 hour.
Session 1: 45 minutes: We will have a trampoline that you get to jump on in the couture dress.
Session 2: 15 Minutes: You will be skipping across a horizontal line in the couture dress

Dress Sizes: 2,4,6,8
Height: 5'4-5'9 (must have thin body/height ratio)
MUST have long hair past shoulders in natural colors (blonde, black, brown)
Unique features: big eyes, high cheekbones, huge smile, gap in teeth, etc.
Hair must be kept long and please wear foundation/concealer.
A makeup artist will do the rest.

What you'll need to do for the shoot:
1. bring a good pair of nude or white underwear preferably strapless bra or white BIKINI
2. have your hair naturally long and slightly styled, but still fluffy and wavy
3. have foundation complete
4. arrive at a scheduled time TBD, come with ID and sign a model release, then get your makeup and wardrobe done.
5. when you are finished with styling, you get to jump on a trampoline while the photogs take pictures.
that's all you need to do.
6. escorts may drop you off and view the studio, but cannot stay. they have to return to pick you up or drop something you may need off. that's it.

I will give you an address to the studio in passaic, nj when I paypal you the modeling fee. If you do not have paypal, we will discuss other payment options.

what you'll get back: images to use in your portfolio in both print and web size uploaded to my website to download

we have previous events on www.snapmup.com if you want to look at pictures
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