I'm a half-rancid egghead. (crystaviel) wrote in montclair,
I'm a half-rancid egghead.

Sidewalk sale today until 5 p.m.!

152 Forest Street, Montclair (next to the cooperative school)
Baby and toddler clothing, shoes, bibs, hats, mittens, toys and other gear
Set of Christmas clothing, bib, slippers, rattle, and toys for baby
Some halloween baby clothing and socks
Pink toy stroller walking toy that plays music
Childproofing / babyproofing equipment
Ladies' tops, jeans, corduroy pants, all about a size s
Some maternity and nursing clothes
Josh Brody purple and white patterned silk dress, size S, new from People store with tag saying $92
BareMinerals spf 15 light foundation and Mineral Veil (brand new, unopened)
Infant bath tub
Alarm clock
A few children's clothing items, size 4T, 5, and "M" girls long sleeve T from Old navy

Come on by!
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