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Seton Hall Prep and plans to destroy Old Growth forest in W. Orange

As some of you may know, Seton Hall Prep plans to demolish a local historic forest in order to double the size of their sports facilities.  They have already destroyed acres of forest and done construction illegally and without permits, which has gone unpunished by local authorities, and now plan to go on to destroy:
  • 25 acres of historic old growth forest remain
  • 1,000 trees, 33 species
  • 50 Old Growth Trees
  • An arboretum of record size
  • Trees from 150 to 240 years old
  • Former estate of of Civil War General McClellan
  • Rare animal life: red tailed hawks, bald eagles, great horned owls and red fox
  • The clearing of 8 of 8  Shag Bark Hickory trees which are known nesting trees to the Indiana Bat, a federally listed endangered species
  • The only unprotected and endangered Old Growth Forest within the Metro Area
  • The foundations, basements, curbs, and yards of neighbors homes and properties who now suffer from Phase 1 effects due to water damage.
Not to mention, every acre of trees and open space that is demolished and paved over SIGNIFICANTLY affects OUR air quality.  And our area is already prone to flooding due to overdevelopment!

A mature tree lifts many hundreds of liters of water out of the ground per day.

The next Zoning Board hearing on the subject of Seton Hall Prep's plans to destroy at Town Hall, 66 Main Street. West
Orange. 8pm Thursday June 24.  Kathleen Galup of The Olmsted Foundation will testify about the significance
of the Olmsted Design of this historic site.

Please visit:
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