I'm a half-rancid egghead. (crystaviel) wrote in montclair,
I'm a half-rancid egghead.

Hillside swap

The Community-wide free Hillside Swap is this Saturday, 9 -12, with drop off of donations on Friday, 3:40 - 6:30, at Hillside School.  Hillside School is located on Orange Road across from the Community Pre-K here in Montclair.

With the current economic woes, we expect a heavier than usual turnout, so we really need a lot of donations.  So please help make it a success by:
 *  Donating clothing, books, sports and baby equipment
 *  Coming and taking anything you want, all for free
 *  Spreading the word to friends, relatives, neighbors

In case you're unfamiliar with the concept, the swap is an event where people come and drop off stuff they don't want, and take stuff that they do want.  No money is involved whatsoever.  You can drop stuff off and not take stuff, and you can also go and take stuff even if you have nothing to give.  So, if you have unwanted stuff that's still perfectly good, rather than throwing it out, please consider dropping it off at Hillside School on Friday from 3:40 - 6:30.  And if times are tight but you're looking for gently used clothes, books, sports and baby equipment, etc., come and see what they have this Saturday from 9-12.
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